Did you know 43% of E-commerce companies still operating without an automated fraud prevention solution state that between 40 and 100 percent of their orders are manually checked in? Did you also know that the "Insult Rate" or "False Positives" hold the number one negative impact on business for on-line retailers? And finally, E-tailers do not know they are financially liable for fraudulent on-line purchases?

In order to succeed in the on-line merchant world, you must gain a savvy survival approach through an highly effective fraud tool. Let's make it a custom, sophisticated solution that adds the additional symbol of security to the e-shopper, and you have found E-armor.

EFS and it's products stand alone as the total solution for the Etailer. We are not only aware of our commitment to the merchant, but also to the consumer. Our products will reduce fraud for the merchant, and will improve customer satisfaction through a positive buying experience.

We have created the most adaptive weapon to hit the market yet, E-armor. It is positioned as the most intelligent fraud detection service available to online companies. It is geared toward all e-commerce business, from the B2B to the B2C. Any business who handles transactions via web interface, and any business who delivers goods via ESD, or any shipping company. Check out this website onbuy.co.uk for more details about ecommerce .

E-armor combines rules, neural networks and related machine learning algorithms to determine scores to offer the most comprehensive, custom package to Etailers. Our success lies in being "need specific", making our sophisticated solution custom to each merchant big or small.


We aim to not only improve your Revenues by reducing fraud and liability losses, but we want to keep your on-line customers happy, safe and content. As we mentioned earlier, the "Insult Rate" or "False Positive" is the number one negative to on-line shoppers. With the figures of 16.6 million households shopping on-line, new customers are introduced to the challenges of shopping on-line every day. We want to raise customer confidence from a negagive buying experience to a positive experience by avoinding unnecessary waiting while their order gets approved or mistakenly declined by using an inadequate fraud solution. Give your customers a symbol of security, the E-armor symbol says it all.